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My background is in both marketing, I hold a BBA in Marketing from Texas A&M University - Mays Business School, and law, I am licensed to practice law and went to Texas A&M University School of Law. I consider myself a multipotentialite because I not only have a degree in marketing and a law license, but I was a competitive gymnast, a writer, an actress with an acting agent for 15 years, and more. A multipotentialite is someone who doesn't have one true calling like specialists do. We have the ability to be successful in multiple industries sometimes simultaneously.

Through my podcast I want to help you realize Your Potential for Everything and learn from my guests about how they have managed to lead lives in multiple careers and never had to settle for having one answer to the question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"


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Oct 26, 2021

In this episode of Your Potential for Everything, host Alex brings on Greden Camacho founder of OfficialChiKa Gaming. OfficialChiKa talks with Alex about being a Puerto-Rican American woman in the esports and gaming industry.

The esports and gaming industry is filled with a lot of Caucasian males and OfficialChiKa decided to disrupt the space. She believes a love for gaming unites people. Her brand centers around respect, peace, and an enjoyable experience for all users that creates an active community that's empowered, diverse, and inclusive.

She actively works to push culture forward, break barriers, and bridge gaps between gaming and mainstream culture. Greden created "OfficialChiKa Gaming" to entertain, inform, and inspire others through the power of gaming. Through her platform, Greden exercises philanthropy initiatives, awareness and education of social causes, women empowerment, academia, and the importance of diversity, inclusion, and representation within Gaming and Esports. She is a role model and real world representation for young girls and marginalized groups in the industry.

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